Recomended Partners




How I choose people for this list: I select industry coleagues that I have had success with. There is no point in working with companies or  individuals that have failed to complete a transaction or go out of their way to disrupt a transaction. Just because a vendor or Bank does not appear does not mean their is anything wrong with them; I probably have no experience with them. It is a is an exercise in futility to continue to recomend someone who has failed egregously in the past.  Please don't be confused, just because these people appear here doesn't mean they rubber stamp every practice sale; in fact, all of them have turned down a sale on occasion. But they don't subvert a transaction that we are all working to complete and they don't make decisions based on personal gain.

Also, I don't exclude most other Banks, Consultants or Lawyers; I just lack experience with them. After I have worked with them, and they have performed professionally, they too can be added.


(888) 224-7879


Mat Christie



Jason Schneller

(818) 561-8106

Bank Of The West

Maria Kahn

(909) 247-6520

Wells fargo

David Tessier

(619) 997-9883

Clifton and Associates

Scott Stewart

(805) 492-8107

Scott Kvancz Esq.

(805) 895-6877

Levi Barlavi Esq.

(888) 995-5384

Amy Borden Esq.

(888) 416-1321

Robert Olson Esq.

(805 963-1220


Garfield Refining

Rhey Nocon

(714) 909-0213

He purchases your precious metals.