Sellers: Please be aware that I am respectful of your privacy. The listings only have minimal information designed to keep the office sale secret. Some Broker websites permit the“Buyers” to enter a phony name and email, then download a prospectus that gives away your name and location. This is not a good thing! This “Buyer” may be an employee or patient posing as a “Buyer,”  that lets the “cat out of the bag.” This will diminish the value of your practice. These brokers just don’t care!  Others will skip the NDA process, again they just don’t care. I consider the practice one of your most valuable assets, and for most sellers a key component to their ability to retire.

Jack Fogelson (818) 522-9123    28310 Roadside Dr, Agoura Hills, CA 91301

*** All numbers, amounts and specifications are reported by the seller. Be aware that you should do your own verification, because thay can be subject to errors or misunderstandings.









Listing 1- Santa Clarita Valley CA - Seller Carryback Sold

This practice has four treatment rooms, Easy dental, Digital Radiograpghy and Retail Exposure. It has alot of opportunity. 2000 sqft Sold

Listing 3 - North Hollywood - CA - Sold

With over 2000sqft of space there is plenty of room. Seven treatment rooms and an additional area that may be your Implant Center. Rich history, with approx. $1M in collections. This office referrs out most specialty. This is a huge opportunity.

Listing 5 - Thousand Oaks - CA (With Real Estate)   Sold

This practice has 3 treatment rooms. Located in medical building. Dentrix, Dexis, Digital Pan, Adec chairs and cabinets. Showplace office. It includes an  office condo.  Sold

Listing 6 - Costa Mesa - CA Retail Exposure

This is a great opportunity for the Denist thats wants walk in traffic. It sports a McDonalds and Starbucks and many other retail establishments. It has four treatment rooms, Cerec, Schick, Eaglesoft, and Adec chairs. It collects over $700K with room to grow, The Dr. referrs out most specialty work. Seller wants to work in the practice after sale. The rent is too low to believe for this center.


Please be sure you have completed the NDA for my company. Password required for access to listings; please call me to get your password.

     (818)     522-9123  Call for the Prospectus

Listing 11 - West Covina - CA *** Retail Exposure  Sold

Awesome opportunity in West Covina, 4 treatment rooms, 1200 sqft, digital sensors. Busy retail center ground floor. Great layout. Practice is over 30 years old. HMO office with $3K/mo CAP check. Sold

Listing 14 -  

Listing 16 -  North Hollywood - Valley Village - CA

North Hollywood - Valley village 3 treatment rooms EZ 2000 software, low rent, adjacent to Kosher restaurants. $200K in collections. This is in a busy retail center with lots of walk in traffic. Tons of parking.

This Months Featured Listing - Beverly Hills CA

$3,000,000 Cosmetic Practice

Are you ready to be the best that you can Be?

This is a High Producing multi-specialty practice. To be eligable for this practice you must provide a wriiten and video resume, prior to a one on one interview with the seller. The seller will stay on to confer the clinical and marketing skills he developed over the last 20 years.

Listing 18 -  Marina Del Rey - CA

5 Treatment rooms mature practice with great views in an awesome building. Room for growth. Great patient base.

Listing 19 -  Calabasas - CA  Sold

4 treatment rooms (3 equiped), Located on a busy street. Great collections, street exposure with great light box sign. This upscale office has: Digital pan, digital X-Ray, Intra oral cameras, Dentrix and more. Sold Sold

Listing 20 -  Beverly Hills - CA - $2,995,000

4 treatment rooms, CBCT, Schick, Eaglesoft, Multi-Specialty, Great views, Seller training included

Listing 21 -  Calabasas - CA  Now Real Estate  for sale- Realestate OPPORTUNITY

5  treatment rooms (Room for 3 more), Located on a busy street. High collections, street exposure with great signage. This upscale office has: Dentrix, and Dexis. Call for more info.

(888) 224-7879

Listing 33 - North Hollywood - CA  With Real Estate   Sold

Over 2100 sq ft office WITH REAL ESTATE. Dentist is retiring on major street with parking. Merge and move your practice here and stop paying rent FOREVER.

Listing 30 -  Westchester - CA -

3 ops Bread and Buter practice, been here for many years. Digital sensors and Open dental. Great location. On Hold

Listing 31 - Glendale - CA  - Now Chart Sale only Sold

3 Ops over $450K in collections on 4 days a week, 4 days of hygiene, digital on a main street in 3 Ops over $400K in collections on 4 days a week, 4 days of hygiene, digital on a main street in Glendale. This will go fast, Seller wants fast sale. Bring you offers. Sold Sold

Listing 35 - Porter Ranch - CA   - Sold

8 Treatment Rooms in a Georgous 3100 sq ft perfect office, CBCT, ADEC,Views and 8 days of hygiene, great location and even views. You also get over $900K in collections. Call soon!!!

Listing 37 - Calabasas- CA  Sold

4 Treatment rooms ( 3 equipped), Adec Chairs, Pano, street visibality, Open Dental, Dexis sensors, caries detection, Large screens, update paint and flooring. Low rent and no L.A. City Taxes.

Listing 40- West Hills - CA - Ortho Office   - Seller Carryback

This great office in a upscale professional building with free parking, sports 5 ops. 3 chairs are set like a clssical ortho bay, and 2large  enclosed treatment rooms. Office has a digital pan and ceph capabilities. The office can be used as a General Dental office as well. The Orthodontist will be willing to with the new GP to help facilitate office and patient sharing.

Listing 42- Long Beach - CA - Bixby Knolls  

This office had great corner visibility in an upscale part of Long Beach.  Over 2000 sq ft with low .

Great Pelton Crane equipment adorn the 3 ops. Plenty of room for up to 4 more ops. Large x-ray room , giant lab an sterilization Full restroom with shower.

Listing 43 - Camarillo- CA   ********* Sold Sold

5 Treatment rooms , Practice works , Digital Sensors with great rent. This office has lots of potential for growth. Bonus room thats great for a  implant center.

Listing 44- Santa Clarita Valley- CA -   WITH REAL ESTATE!!!

5 Treatment rooms, 4 equipped with top of the line equipment in elegant building. Own your own office and decrease monthly overhead. Call for more info.

Listing 45- Beverly Hills- CA   *********  - Possible seller carry.  Sold

6 Treatment rooms , Fully digital ,Dentrix,  Dexis Sensors with great rent. Great rent, all utilities included, Retiring dentist. Practice has been around for many decades. Wilshire blvd views.

Listing 46- Canoga Park- CA -   *** Sold Sold Sold

3 Treatment rooms, Room for more. Own your own office and decrease monthly overhead. Call for more info. This is a large free standing building with yo be disclosed Bonuses. Located on a main street, with great visibility.

Listing 47- Clovis- CA   ********* NEW   -  WITH REAL ESTATE Elegant custom 6 operatory office (5 equipped) decorated to the tens, in your own building. OWN Real Esate. No More rent. This office has a great layout with centralized sterilization. This office is in a great part of town. Lots of digital technology. Dont. miss out.

Listing 48- Yorba Linda- CA -  RETAIL CENTER 5 ops 3 equipped digital impression 2 dexis sensors dentrix, 2 front , 2assist and hygeniest 2 restrooms break room, large steril and lab. room for more ops, room for 3 mor ops for a total of 8

Listing 49- Palmdale- CA   ********* NEW   - Sold Sold

4 Beautiful treatment rooms in a great location. Move in ready. All digital, including digital Pan.Great Parking and a large office.

Listing 50- Fresno Area CA -  NEW NEW NEW 4 Treatment rooms , four days a week with great collections and a long history, well equipped. a must see!

Listing 51 - San Diego Adjacent- CA   ********* NEW   - Huge growth potential awaits this Southern California GP practice with 40+ yrs of goodwill, over 3500 sq ft, 6 op’s, and plumbed for more. established patient base. Fee-for-service, Digital, current owner refer’s out specialty.

Listing 51 - Fresno Area   ********* NEW   -  4 ops in a great location Possible REAL ESTATE sale fully digital. REAL ESTATE AVAILABLE

Listing 52- Hanford CA -  NEW NEW NEW  with REAL ESTATE  5 ops Dentrix and Dexis. Beautiful office with potential income from property and large office.

Listing 53 - Merced  REAL ESTATE AVAILABLE -  equipped dental office now available for sale.  This 1800 square foot four (4) operatory dental office is ready to go.  Fantastic fit and finish.  Adec Cascade stand-alone chairs, Pelton rear cabinets,  Adec rear delivery units, Adec track lights.  Hygiene package is Royal Proma over the patient.  Planmeca IO X-rays.  Located in highly desirable Merced profession office development.  Lots of amenities.  Perfect for a general dentist or specialist.

Listing 54- Fresno CA -  NEW NEW NEW  with REAL ESTATE  5 ops Dentrix and Dexis. Well established thriving dental practice located in central Fresno  Offering includes both real estate and dental practice.  Practice consists of five (5) full functioning over the patient operatories.  Practice is fully digital including Dexis sensors and Planmeca S3 2D panoramic/cephalometric. Marus MaxStar Chairs with DCI PMU units.  Granite countertops.  Instrumentarium Focus IO X-rays.  Professionally designed and installed sterilization center.  Full functioning lab area including model trimmer, lathe, vacuum former, and more.  The fit and finish of this office is high end.  Great office.  One to be proud of.  Ready to go to work with you.

Listing 55 - Reedley  REAL ESTATE -  Well established thriving long time in existence local dental office owned by a well respected dentist.  The owner and his family have been one of the primary providers of oral health care for almost two generations to their community.  Offering includes both real estate and dental practice.  Great family practice that offers almost all dental services.  Real estate is well cared for.  Both exterior and interior are up to date.  Equipped well.  Fully digital including 2D/3D technologies.  Doctor is willing to work back.  Exceptionally well run practice.

Listing 56- Canoga Park CA -  NEW NEW NEW     6 Treatment rooms 2 Restrooms, lots of parking, Real Estate included and one ADU. Just remodeled with Adec chairs and digital.

Listing 57 - Rialto CA   ********* NEW   -  Strip mall with retail. Details to come.

Listing 58 - Beverly Hills CA -  NEW NEW NEW    WITH REAL ESTATE -  3 Treatment rooms, Room to expand next door. On a main street, great building for sale, 5200 sqft approx. Rental units attached and beautiful courtyard. Call for details.